Puppy World by OMGPOP for iPhone and iPod Touch

Puppy World is the cutest FREE game for iPhone & iPod Touch!

Available on the App Store

It’s the cutest game in the universe!
  • ★ Raise a variety of adorable puppy breeds
  • ★ Clean, pet and feed your puppies to keep them happy
  • ★ Unite them with the good children of Puppy World
  • ★ Collect bones and gems to buy new decorations
  • ★ Complete quests for special bonuses and level up your nursery
  • ★ Decorate and raise your nursery’s CUTE rating
  • ★ Share puppies with your Facebook friends
  • ★ Unlock Game Center achievements
  • ★ New content and features every week!
screenshot 1

Raise and care for adorable puppies!

screenshot 2

Complete the fairy dogmother's quests!

screenshot 3

Happy puppies need lots of love and care!

screenshot 5

Unite puppies with the children of Puppy World!